Kaseya Connect User Conference: 5 Questions Worth Asking

Scores of managed services providers (MSPs) are getting ready to converge on the Kaseya Connect User Conference (June 1-3, Las Vegas). The conference arrives roughly three to four months after the Kaseya 2 platform launched. With that fact in mind here are five questions MSPmentor will raise at the conference.

1. Kaseya 2 - Ready for Everyone?: Is Kaseya telling some customers to sit tight with the company's previous managed services platform, or is Kaseya 2 now ready for all of Kaseya's MSPs to deploy (assuming the MSPs have done their homework on the upgrade process)?

2. Kaseya 2 SaaS Status Report: The Kaseya 2 offering is currently an on-premises solution. A SaaS version of Kaseya 2 is in a closed beta at the moment. How is that beta progressing and when will Kaseya 2's SaaS offering shift to general availability?

3. Kaseya 2 Pricing: Is Kaseya 2 on-premises and SaaS pricing set in stone or can we expect some adjustments in the months ahead?

4. Kaseya 2 Software Partners: Sources suggest Kaseya plans to launch an ISV (independent software vendor) program and developer tools for the Kaseya 2 platform. The idea is to let third-party security, storage, PSA and other applications plug into Kaseya 2. So, who's going to plug in first? And why?

5. Kaseya 2 Lessons Learned: Kaseya says the company enjoyed record growth in Q1 2010. But multiple sources say Kaseya hit some support bumps during the first few weeks of Kaseya 2's availability. Has Kaseya addressed all of the bumps, and what lessons were learned?

MSPmentor will be blogging live from the conference. If you'd like to potentially meet send email to joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc.com.

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