Join Us Wednesday: SaaS or On-premises MSP Software?

Join MSPmentor this Wednesday, May 5 at 2:00 p.m. eastern for our next MSPmentor Live webcast: SaaS vs. On Premises MSP Software. The webcast will be a 40-minute fireside chat -- even more interactive -- exploring the key business drivers for selecting on-premises or SaaS (software as a services) MSP platforms. Here's some more background, including updated guest speaker information.

We realize no two MSP businesses are exactly alike...

  • But are there certain business characteristics of MSPs that embrace SaaS-centric tools?
  • And are there different business characteristics of MSPs that continue to embrace on-premises RMM (remote monitoring and management) options?
We'll cover both of those questions, and we'll also explore whether SaaS-centric options can truly match the power and performance of on-premises options.

Our confirmed guest speakers include:
  • Dave Durkee, CEO of ENKI -- a managed services provider that also has deep cloud expertise.
  • Danny Owens, President, American Integration -- a Microsoft and Cisco partner that's making SaaS moves.
  • Nimsoft VP and GM Phil Laforge will be on hand to provide deeper insights from SaaS- and on-premises partners. (Nimsoft is sponsoring the webcast).
  • Joe Panettieri (that's me) as moderator, making sure we cover as many attendee questions as possible.
I look forward to your questions during this MSPmentor Live: Fireside Chat webcast.
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