Join Us Today: Kaseya 2 Managed Services Case Study

Our next MSPmentor Live webcast is today (Wednesday, May 19) at 2:00 p.m. eastern. The topic is very targeted: A Kaseya 2 first-mover case study for managed services providers (MSPs). Here's a look at our guest speakers and what we'll cover.

During the webcast we'll explore:

  • Hands-on Kaseya 2 experiences from Nick Bock, CEO of Five Nines Technology Group, an MSP that has deployed Kaseya 2. Bock will discuss his business drivers for Kaseya 2, and his business partner James Bowen will provide technical insights.
  • Best practices from Kaseya, with Senior Product Marketing Manager Brendan Cosgrove answering your questions. (Kaseya is the event's sponsor.)
Background: As you may recall, the Kaseya 2 managed services platform launched in February 2010. An on-premises version (which Bock and Five Nines run) is a available now. A SaaS version is in limited beta.

MSPmentor does not test or endorse specific management tools. But if you've got questions about Kaseya 2, I'll be on today's webcast moderating the discussion and gathering real-time answers from Five Nines Technology Group and Kaseya. I look forward to your questions during the webcast. Here's a registration link.
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