Join Me June 25 for the Next MSPmentor Live: CEO Exchange

On June 25 at 2pm eastern, I will host our next MSPmentor Live: CEO Exchange Webcast. Unlike traditional Webcasts, we typically answer dozens of attendee questions throughout the event. Our goal is to interact with managed service providers, and address your most pressing questions.

If you'd like to join me, you can register here. During our June 25 Webcast, we'll explore how Professional Services Automation (PSA) software can help you to escape from commodity pricing. But this will be more than a tech talk. We'll also explore how you need to organize your business (sales, marketing, customer support) for PSA and MSP success.

My guests will include:

  • Chad Massaker, CEO of Carceron Systems Group, who will describe how he uses Professional Services Automation to coordinate multiple customer engagements.
  • Ian James, President of Red Square Systems, who will share some of the key steps he has taken to record triple-digit annual growth amid the weak economy.
  • Autotask CEO Bob Godgart, who will share his vision for Managed Services 2.0, and the growing need to coordinate subcontracting work with other MSPs.
During our June 12 Webcast, we answered more than two dozen attendee questions. This time around, we'll be taking even more questions throughout the event to ensure we address your key interests.
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