Intel's Secret MSP: Time to Speed Dial Geoff Bradshaw?

The VAR Guy rarely ventures away from his own web site. But when Intel decided to launch a viral video involving the MSP legend of Geoff Bradshaw, The VAR Guy was intrigued and tuned in. Here's why...

At first glance, the tongue-in-check video pokes fun at traditional break-fix resellers. But listen closely and you'll hear the so-called legend of Geoff Bradshaw -- an alleged MSP who's beating traditional resellers in the market:

Deeper Meaning

The videos, as you may have guessed, are part of a larger Intel viral marketing campaign called How Geoff Does It. The videos cover heavily debated topics such as:
  • The McRib: Should McDonald's offer it year-round?
  • Superman I vs. Superman II: Did the sequel beat the original?
  • Oh, and how to proactively remotely manage customers networks -- using Intel vPro.
Even with the attempts at humor, Intel is pretty darn serious about the MSP market. In addition to the Geoff Bradshaw viral video effort, Intel hosts a dedicated website designed just for MSPs. And in a somewhat related move, Intel is developing a hybrid cloud strategy that includes on-premises servers and a range of third-party remote management and cloud tools.

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