The Hills are Alive with ... Data Centers?

The Hills are Alive with ... Data Centers?

I must admit, I’m having a “Sound of Music” moment. No, I’m not fleeing the Nazis or making lederhosen out of chintz drapes, but as I write this I have a pretty awesome view of the Swiss Alps. (Kind of makes me want to run among the wildflowers singing “The hills are alive, with the sound of music ....”) So why is a humble technology editor from New York sitting in a cafe in Zurich blogging about the Von Trapp family? Simple: managed cloud services.

On May 29, 2012, I (along with other journalists from parts unknown) will meet up with representatives from CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) and Radix Technologies, a Swiss-based managed services provider that is using the CA AppLogic turnkey cloud platform. Our task here is to visit the Radix data center, located about two hours north of Zurich in a town called Attinghausen, and see how Radix is using AppLogic to offer its customers cloud computing agility nirvana. The Radix data center is actually housed in a former military facility in the heart of a mountain in Attinghausen, where it is cooled using the mountain air and natural groundwater surrounding it.

Following our tour, we will meet with Radix executives, who will discuss the benefits Radix's customers have seen with the AppLogic technology.

Then lunch and a bus trip back to Zurich, where we hop on our respective flights and head back to our homes. (I guess I should be careful not to blink, lest I miss anything.)

Until then, however, I’m basking in the Swiss sunshine and looking out over Lake Zurich at the swans mingling among the boaters on this incredibly warm and beautiful day. Perhaps a lake cruise is in order. Or perhaps I’ll just sit here and have another Nescafe.

What would Julie Andrews do?

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