European MSP Offers Free Server to Small Businesses

European MSP Offers Free Server to Small Businesses

Is it a worthless gimmick or a smart promotion? You decide: SysFix Group, a managed services provider in the United Kingdom, is offering new customers a free small business server for the duration of their IT contract. This doesn't exactly qualify as a freemium promotion, since customers have to have at least three computers under a SysFix Group support contract. But the SysFix offer sounds somewhat similar to hardware as a service (HaaS). Hree's what the free offer covers.

According to SysFix Group's corporate blog, "the free server allows businesses to share files internally whilst implementing rigorous security measures which protect business critical data to authorised users only. The server also allows VPN connections allowing staff to work from home whilst still having access to company data and resources securely."

SysFix Group says the free server could also be used as an intrusion detection system, as a proxy server, mail server or backup server.

No doubt, the term "free" can turn heads and attract a crowd. But I do wonder how many small businesses will take SysFix Group up on the offer -- especially since many small businesses are shifting those on-premise capabilities (email, backup, etc.) to cloud services. Still, SysFix caught MSPmentor's attention. And I suspect SysFix will try to put those "free" servers under long-term support contracts, almost akin to a HaaS deal.

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