ConnectWise, Symantec and Mickey Mouse: Oh My

connectwise_symantecThe VAR Guy will be in four places at once the week of Nov. 2. The reason: ConnectWise Partner Summit, the HTG Peer Group meeting and Symantec Partner Engage all are in Orlando, Fla., that week. Three events -- right down the road from Walt Disney World. The VAR Guy couldn't have planned the schedule better himself. Oh, except for one nagging problem...

... The Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain is closed for renovations until roughly November 21. How completely depressing. It's sort of like ordering a Happy Meal and having McDonald's say they're out of fries. Bad Mickey.

Still, the conversations should be lively in Orlando. Around Nov. 2, scores of VARs will converge at the HTG Peer Group meetings to compare and contrast their business performance. Memo to attendees: Please don't ask The VAR Guy for his company's financial statement; he's never seen it. But the pay checks seem to be clearing...

Also, roughly 900 MSPs will gather for the ConnectWise Partner Summit (Nov. 4-6). The event is sold out -- but The VAR Guy managed to get a golden ticket for entry. (Don't ask how.)

On the same days, Symantec plans to hold Symantec Partner Engage. The VAR Guy awaits more details, but the event typically attracts many of Symantec's top channel partners. Our resident blogger hopes Symantec comes prepared to talk more about the company's SaaS strategy.

Fast Talk And Disney Fast Passes

The VAR Guy plans to listen closely to multiple briefings that week -- assuming the crowd noise at Walt Disney World doesn't drown out the conversations.

Oh, and how's this for a closing thought: The VAR Guy needs to go to Paris on business the week of Nov. 9. Imagine that: Visiting Walt Disney World and DisneyLand Paris in back-to-back weeks.

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