ConnectWise Promotes Partner Collaboration at Kaseya User Conference

At the Kaseya User Conference in Las Vegas, ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini warned attendees not to trust Dell in the managed services market, and invited MSPs to partner online and outsource to each other, using ConnectWise's network.

The Dell references aside, Bellini and rival platform providers (Autotask and Kaseya, for instance) each are working overtime to ensure their platforms can promote partner collaboration.

Autotask CEO Bob Godgart hinted to me in March 2008 that the Autotask platform will allow partners to route trouble tickets and project management items to each other. Likewise, Kaseya executives at the conference are talking about forthcoming partner collaboration tools.

In some ways, the moves counter OnForce -- the online market place where IT service providers outsource projects to one another, based on IT specialties, geographic coverage and a bidding system that resembles eBay.

But while OnForce is an any-to-any marketplace for VARs that sign up for the service, MSP platform providers are building collaboration systems within their own online communities. Buy a business process automation platform from ConnectWise, for instance, and you can suddenly connect with other ConnectWise partners within the online community.

Ultimately, Bellini says, collaboration will unify MSPs and empower them to fend off Dell and other vendors that move into the MSP space. "Do we care if Dell is jumping in? Yes we do, but don't worry about it," said Bellini. "That's my message to MSPs. Pick your specialty and dominate." And outsource work to other partners, he added.

In Dell's defense, the company has worked overtime in recent months to communicate with MSPs. Also, Dell has launched a channel blog to interact more closely with VARs.

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