Can Your Intern Handle Social Media Marketing?

Last week I discussed the importance of documenting your results to show your value to your superiors. Unfortunately, not only do you have to prove yourself to your superiors, but to your co-workers, friends and family, as well. Sadly, those around us look at social media marketing as a simple task that an intern can handle. It's time that we change their perspective.

Would you pay an intern $71,000 a year to be your social media specialist? OnwardSearch -- a staffing agency for digital marketing -- produced this infographic on salaries in the social media industry. The company reported that social media strategists make up to $71,000 a year in New York, New York. I could be wrong, but when was the last time you paid your intern $71,000 a year to handle simple tasks?

If you're answer is recently, I have a few individuals in mind who would like to intern at your company. Remember: social media marketing isn't about social media. You don't just update Facebook statuses, you're part of your company's marketing and PR teams. They need you, and you need them.

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