Can You Partner With Peer Managed Service Providers?

Can You Partner With Peer Managed Service Providers?

managed services webcast sign up nowIf you're looking for new ways to partner with peer managed service providers, join us on May 13 for our MSPmentor Live webcast. During the one-hour webcast, which starts at 2:00 p.m. eastern, we'll explore how MSPs are finding each other, and how you can coordinate projects -- service tickets, billing and more -- between multiple MSPs.

The event, sponsored by Autotask, will feature ample time for you to pose questions to:

  • Melanie Fricke, VP of product strategy, CMIT Solutions Inc.
  • Eric Baryol, president and GM, CMIT Solutions of Reno
  • Bob Godgart, CEO, Autotask
  • Patrick Burns, product manager, Autotask
Register now or visit the event page for more information about the agenda.

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