Cali Lewis's Seven Secrets to Blogging Success

Cali Lewis's Seven Secrets to Blogging Success

blog-boardMSPmentor readers frequently ask me how to "build" a great blog that (A) attracts an audience and (B) drives interaction. I never really thought about specific "secrets to success" until this past week. During the WordCamp blogger conference in Dallas, GeekBrief.TV host Cali Lewis offered this simple -- but effective -- seven-step list for building a social media site that enjoys strong community.

Here are Cali's seven secrets to success...

Rule 1: Understand your core brand value.


  • GeekBrief.TV's brand value is "happiness," Cali says. She wants her three-minute technology product views to leave viewers feeling good.
  • I'd be curious to hear what readers think MSPmentor's core brand value is. We strive to be the ultimate guide to managed services. Do we fulfill that mission? Is our core brand something else?
Rule 2: Start compelling conversations

Cali says you need to look around your daily life to create compelling conversations. Our sister site,, attempts to write about everyday experiences with some attitude mixed in. Examples:
Rule 3: Be an asset

Cali says your sites and communications need to "Add value. If you want to build an online community, it can’t be about you. It has to be about your community."

Agreed. Generally speaking, I don't blog about a topic unless I have a strong opinion or insider's view on that topic. Straight news is dead.

Rule 4: Make friends, not fans

Cali advises: "Don’t speak at community. Speak with community. Ask questions and answer questions. Loyal audiences will tell other people about your sites."

Rule 5: Show appreciation

Thank readers over and over again.

Rule 6: Take Breaks

Cali admitted she breaks rule 6 all the time. So do I.

Rule 7: Always be upgrading

Cali says "Never let yourself you get stale. Show your community you’re vying for their attention."

Living Up to Rule 7

On June 11, we asked readers what they'd like to see next from MSPmentor. In July, you'll see what's next from MSPmentor. And I think you'll be pleased... because the forthcoming site enhancements reflect your requests.

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