Branding Your Managed Services Business On the Web

managed-services-web-brandingAlpheon and Do IT Smarter, two members of the MSPmentor 100, are proving there's more than one way to brand a company in the managed services market. Both managed service providers have revamped their web sites and customer messaging in recent weeks. And in some cases, the efforts avoid the need to mention managed services. Here's some perspective.

First, a little background:

  • Alpheon is a managed service provider based in Morrisville, N.C.
  • Do IT Smarter, based in San Diego, Calif., is a master MSP -- which helps VARs transition to managed services.

Alpheon Overview

At Alpheon, the company this week unveiled a "new corporate identity" and newly branded service offerings called Assure: Healthcare and Assure: Business. CEO Greg Donovan's strategy is crystal clear: Segment the Assure brand to (A) go deep in specific verticals and (B) wide across the business horizontal.


Video Killed the Radio VAR

Alpheon's web site (pictured above) is simple, fast-loading and features key customer endorsements such as the video below. Memo to MSPs: If you aren't posting one or two high-quality customer profiles on your web site, you're behind the times -- and behind your competition.

Do IT Smarter's Approach

Meanwhile, Do IT Smarter redesigned its web site (pictured below) to connect the dots between managed service providers and end-customers.

The fast-loading home page screams managed services, but the mid-right side of the page allows end-customers to find qualified MSPs that are part of the Do IT Smarter network. It's a smart move that reinforce's Do IT Smarter's position as a Master MSP, rather than a traditional MSP.


Three Secrets to Success

Given all social media hype, it's easy to lose focus when redesigning your company's Web presence. There's a natural temptation to load up your business site with fancy widgets, Twitter feeds, RSS information and other content.

Instead, keep your approach simple, fast-loading and focused on your target audience. Give your existing customers easy ways to find you and communicate with you. And give your target customers simple case studies that speed their decision to work with you.

And lead with your brand -- not your vendors' brands.

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