Autotask, LabTech Conferences: Same Week, Same City?

Autotask, LabTech Conferences: Same Week, Same City?

While piecing together the Top 100 Channel Partner Conferences for 2012, our editorial team noticed that Autotask and LabTech Software seem to be on a collision course in 2012. Indeed, the Autotask Community Live 2012 and LabTech Automation Nation 2012 conferences appear to be scheduled for the same week, in the same city.

According to our records...

  • Autotask Community Live is set for June 10-12 in Orlando, Fla.
  • LabTech Automation Nation is scheduled for June 11-13 in Orlando.
  • Just to make things extra geeky, we believe Microsoft TechEd also is that week in Orlando.
Generally speaking, the scheduling conflict/overlap between Autotask and LabTech isn't a big deal for attendees. While both companies serve MSPs, their products don't compete head-on.

But Autotask rival ConnectWise has an investment in LabTech. And a large number of MSPs that run LabTech also run ConnectWise. So it's safe to say Orlando will be packed with two PSA crowds in mid-June -- the LabTech camp filled with ConnectWise users, and the Autotask camp. And yes, some MSPs use LabTech and Autotask in tandem. The Autotask and LabTech platforms have integrated since at least October 2009.
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