Autotask Community Live: 9 Questions for the Executive Team

Autotask Community Live: 9 Questions for the Executive Team

I'm confirmed to interview several Autotask executives during Autotask Community Live (May 22-24, Miami, Fla.). I've already previewed 10 key themes for the event. But here are nine key topics and questions I hope to raise during sit-downs with Autotask CEO Mark Cattini (pictured), CVO Bob Godgart and Senior VP Jay McBain.

Thoughts on my mind include:

For Jay McBain, senior vice president, strategy and market development...

1. Define Community: You joined Autotask in December 2010. You've spoken a bit about helping Autotask to reach additional communities. Are all the communities IT-related? Or might Autotask push beyond IT explore additional services industries? Also, how is the push in the the audio visual community coming along?

2. Hardware Relationships: During your career you've built relationships with key executives who are now channel leaders at Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo. Might you leverage those relationships at Autotask?

3. Feedback: What is the existing community demanding from Autotask, and how is Autotask responding?

For Bob Godgart, chief visionary officer...

4. First, the Hardball Questions: You shifted from CEO to the new Chief Visionary Officer post in December 2010. Is the position fulfilling your desire to return to your entrepreneurial roots? Any regrets making the shift? And as CVO, do you plan to stay at Autotask long-term or was the title change part of a gradual transition to a new company or startup?

5. Anywhere, Anytime?: Two lines of questions here:
  • Browser Support: I believe Autotask has spent considerable time extending its browser support beyond Internet Explorer. I concede: I don't know how your Chrome, FireFox and Safari browser support efforts are coming along. Can you give me an update?
  • Smart Phones and Tablets: Also, what about native Autotask and VARStreet app support on smart phones and tablets? Can you give me an update on iOS (iPad and iPhone), Android and other device support? (Here again, I concede that I haven't kept pace with potential Autotask developments...)
6. Emerging Opportunities: Since shifting to CVO, have you spotted any new emerging opportunities for Autotask to pursue?

For Mark Cattini, CEO...

7. First Moves: You've been CEO for about five months now. What are some of the key strategic decisions you've made for Autotask so far, and how do you think they are playing out?

8. Dollars and Cents: Multiple questions in this area...
  • Market Opportunity: Is the IT channel (VARs and MSPs) a large enough customer base to meet Autotask's financial aspirations or might the company push beyond the IT channel to pursue service providers outside of IT?
  • International: How is business shaping up in Europe and Australia? Also, what other geographies are you pursuing?
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: How has the 2010 VARStreet acquisition performed so far? Will Autotask pursue additional buy-side deals?
  • Investors: What's the mood among the venture capitalists that invested in Autotask? Do they plan to keep their money invested for long-term business development and continued growth? Or are they considering other options?
9. The State of Autotask: Ultimately, what is the state of Autotask's business and partner ecosystem? And what are you priorities for the next six to 12 months?

Got Questions?

If you'd like me to pose additional questions during Autotask Community Live, feel free to post a comment or send me a private email, Joe [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com.

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