Ask the Managed Services Experts: Dec. 9

MSPmentor will host its final managed services webcast of the year this Wednesday, Dec. 9. Our guests are former MSP Gary Pica and ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini. Our format: Six business tips in one hour — plus non-stop questions from our attendees. Here’s how to join the webcast.

Surprise: There are actually two upcoming webcasts worth noting. They are:

  • Dec. 9: Managed Services - Ask the Experts: Join this MSPmentor webcast on Dec. 9 and pose your most pressing managed services questions to famed MSP Gary Pica and ConnectWise CEO Arnie Bellini. We’ll cover six business and sales tips in 60 minutes, plus dozens of attendee questions. Sponsor: ConnectWise
  • Dec. 16: Securing Small Business Server (for Fun and Profit): Join The VAR Guy webcast on Dec. 16 for this educational Webcast, and learn how savvy solutions providers generate recurring security revenue from their SBS customers. Sponsor: Trend Micro
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