10 Tips: Email Marketing for Business Growth

You're a managed service provider that wants to communicate regularly with existing customers -- and target customers. Email marketing can certainly assist your efforts, but you also run the risk of upsetting customers with unwanted messages.

The following 10 email marketing tips (courtesy of Constant Contact, a member of our SaaS 20 Stock Index) will help your business to grow -- without upsetting your target audiences with unwanted messages.

  1. Know your goals. Email marketing is a great way to achieve business and membership goals. Define them.
  2. Identify your target audiences. Determine the industries, customers, prospects, potential investors, donors, and stakeholders that will be most interested in hearing from you.
  3. Build a great list. Begin building your email list by collecting email addresses with permission (agreement that you are allowed to send email to an individual or organization) at every point of contact with your customers or members.
  4. Pay close attention to your current customers. They're the ones that will drive your future growth. You can learn a lot about their interests and buying habits simply by listening closely and soliciting their feedback during in-person meetings, over the phone, or through your email campaigns.
  5. Determine campaign frequency. Take a look at your calendar to decide what information to communicate and when.
  6. Make it interesting. Email campaigns that are personalized and relevant are more interesting and useful to recipients.
  7. Offer them something. Promotions, coupons, and special announcements are a great way to bring customers in the door and coming back.
  8. Watch the numbers. Use tracking and metrics to improve email campaign results by sending more targeted emails based on the particular interests and buying habits of your customers.
  9. Keep it fresh and simple. People are busy, so try and vary your content to keep their interest while also making your email campaigns simple, concise, and to the point.
  10. Get started. The only way to build a successful email marketing program is to get started. No list is too small.
Got any other tips for success? I'm all ears.
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