Cloud Security Concerns Dog Deployment, Survey Says

Cloud Security Concerns Dog Deployment, Survey Says

The rise of public, cloud and hybrid IT infrastructure environments mean conventional network security solutions are falling short. That's according to a new survey of IT leaders. Here are the details.

As the ratio of IT infrastructure delivered by traditional on-premises equipment and software is finally outweighed by services based in public, private and hybrid cloud environments, IT leaders are increasingly going to find conventional network security solutions falling short, according to a new survey conducted by IDG Research.

Commissioned by CloudPassage and jointly run by CSO Strategic Marketing Services, the survey found that 80 percent of security professionals agree that traditional security tools can't adequately protect cloud infrastructure.

This is troubling considering that they expect the current 43 percent of services delivered through cloud environments to grow to 58 percent in the next 18 months. In the same timeframe, half of organizations estimate that the majority of their customer data will reside in a cloud environment.

"There are several factors contributing to concerns about the security of customer data that resides in the public cloud," the report said. "Data ownership, location of data, and shared technology/multi-tenancy are cited by more than half of the respondents."

In the face of rapid growth of cloud infrastructure across IT, security has not been able to keep up with the pace of change. Approximately 65 percent of respondents say it takes three months or longer to deploy a new security solution for cloud infrastructure environments. The survey showed that more than three-quarters of survey respondents experience tool fatigue and nearly as many said traditional tools don't scale well in cloud environments.

“Companies clearly see the economic benefits of cloud technology, but concerns about security continue to dog the industry,” said Mitch Bishop, CloudPassage CMO. “The plethora of point solutions on the market are overwhelming and confusing for security teams."

The survey showed that 77 percent of security leaders say they have too many point solutions to do security well in cloud environments, and 76 percent say they lack visibility into attacks through cloud infrastructure.

As managed service providers seek to help their clients protect their data across an increasingly diverse set of environments, the concerns laid out by this survey could offer a good primer in how to develop security mechanisms that will meet security teams' biggest concerns. This includes maintaining compliance with regulations, scalability and a consolidated view of threats that diminishes the amount of in-house analysis required by overtaxed and under-resourced teams.



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