Senior VP Jay McBain Leaving Autotask

Senior VP Jay McBain Leaving Autotask

Jay McBain, senior VP of strategy and market development at Autoask, is leaving the company, according to an email from CEO Mark Cattini to employees. McBain's career move comes less than one year after he joined the PSA (professional services automation) software provider. In recent months, McBain (pictured) was driving many of Autotask's community efforts.

According to an email viewed by MSPmentor, Cattini wrote:

To All Autotaskers,

Please be informed that Jay McBain will be leaving Autotask.  Jay’s last day in the office on a regular basis was August 31st, however, he will continue to work for us as needed and transition his responsibilities accordingly.

On behalf of all of us at Autotask, I would like to thank Jay for his contribution to both our strategic planning process and his work with respect to Community on Tour and wish him continued success in his career   Jay will still have access to his Autotask mail account until December 15th so he can be contacted there.

With Kind Regards
MSPmentor has reached out to Autotask for official comment. We will be back shortly with additional analysis.
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