An Outsourcing Certification for Call Centers? Yes Indeed

When an IT market is growing, a related certification or accreditation program usually emerges. Such is the case in the call center market, where the Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals (RCCSP) has embraced a call center certification from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP). Before we get in to the details here's a little background on what the RCCSP does.

The RCCSP is a 15-year-old organization that gives IT support communities access to a network of call center, help desk, ITIL, telecommunications, and outsourcing training and certification providers. The RCCSP also has training and certification programs for each of the providers above.

The RCCSP has embraced the the IAOP's Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) certification to help ensure businesses are outsourcing their call centers to qualified experts. The IAOP COP certification program is intended to help businesses outsource their call centers to people who "possess the experience and knowledge required to design, implement and manage outsourcing initiatives that have a high probability of achieving an organization’s intended outcomes," according to IAOP Chairman Michael Corbett. That, said RCCSP CEO Nina Kawalek, is exactly what the RCCSP was looking for.

"The COP designation is certainly a welcomed addition to RCCSP’s portfolio of certifications because it provides the framework, standards, and best-practices needed to do outsourcing right,” she said. Below are highlights of the COP course according to the RCCSP:

  • Define and Communicate Outsourcing as a Management Practice
  • Develop and Manage an Organization’s End-to-End Process for Outsourcing
  • Integrate Outsourcing Into an Organization’s Business Strategy and Operations
  • Create, Lead and Sustain High-Performance Outsourcing Project Teams
  • Develop and Communicate Outsourcing Business Requirements
  • Select Outsourcing Vendors
  • Develop the Outsourcing Financial Case and Pricing
  • Contract and Negotiate for Outsourcing
  • Manage the Transition to an Outsourced Environment
A 3-day COP training course costs $4,995. A self-paced, self-study course runs at $2,995.

MSPmentor certainly covers the certification and accreditation markets but we don't endorse any specific offerings. Our biggest concern about certifications and accreditations involves end-user awareness. If end users aren't demanding a specific certification or accreditation, it's sometimes difficult for MSPs to justify the time and expense tied to the offering. But in this case, certified call centers could potentially allow MSPs to more easily find qualified call centers for their support needs.

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