One Secret to Sustained Business Growth: A-B-I

For salespeople, the secret to success involves the old A-B-C rule -- "Always Be Closing." But when it comes to managing business growth I think the A-B-I -- "Always Be Interviewing" -- rule applies. Here's why.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Small business owners need to constantly interview new talent and employee candidates -- even if you don't have any current positions to fill. That way, you have a shortlist of candidates to call on the moment an existing or new position opens up in your company.

We've been using the ABI rule for most of 2009, striving to speak with at least one potential job candidate per week. These can range from phone calls to casual meetings at Starbucks. Now, we've got a shortlist of qualified talent to reach out to at a moment's notice. You'll hear more from us on these efforts within the next few weeks...

In the meantime, are you following the ABI rule?

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