MSPmentor 250: Top Managed Services Experts In Europe?

MSPmentor 250: Top Managed Services Experts In Europe?

As you may recall, our third-annual MSPmentor 250 Survey is now open for your participation. We're striving to identify the world's top managed services executives, experts, entrepreneurs, coaches and community developers. So far, 75 percent of the survey participants represent North America. But we're striving for global diversity. If you know MSP gurus in Europe -- perhaps you're one of them -- here's how to participate.

Visit our MSPmentor 250 center to find complete details and a survey link. The center includes our two previous MSPmentor 250 reports. It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete the survey. Deadline for submissions is July 23, 2010. We'll publish a complete report in August 2010.

Think of the MSPmentor 250 as a Global Rolodex of sorts that can help you to quickly find and learn about MSP experts across the world. We've got a loyal reader base among MSPs in Europe... Now, we'd like to hear from you directly. Jump into the third-annual MSPmentor 250 survey now.

Note: In the days ahead, we'll reach out to MSPs in Australia, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America... But today's shout out is directed at Europe. We look forward to your participation.

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