GreenPages Hires VP of Managed Services

GreenPages, an MSPmentor 100 company, has hired Michael Halperin as VP of managed services. Halperin has been a consultant for GreenPages for the last year, and is well-known within MSP circles for his work at Cogent Growth Partners and a range of technology companies. I caught up with both Halperin and GreenPages VP of Marketing and Operations Glen Jodion for an update.

“It’s an acceleration of what GreenPages is doing, not a shift,” said Halperin. “We’re very focused on agility.” Green Pages has also been focusing on virtualization, helping clients cut cost, and developing cloud computing solutions. Halperin and Jodoin both said GreenPages’ clients are interested in hybrid cloud solutions.

Most of GreenPages' clients are in what Jodoin described as the “the upper end of the SMB market,” which he said brings additional challenges. “Larger clients have more users and more devices so their infrastructure is more complex,” he said. So the question is ‘how do you handle that?’” The answer so far has been to build strong technology relationships with companies like Autotask, Kaseya, VMWare, HP, EMC and Dell and develop and deliver IT management and storage solutions. GreenPages doesn’t focus on specific verticals, but health care, financial, technology and educational companies have been particularly interested in GreenPages’ solutions.

Jodoin said the Halperin hiring makes sense because Halperin knows the business very well and can handle such a complex position. As Jodoin put it, “there’s more to it than just keeping the lights on.”

Meanwhile, Halperin's previous company -- Cogent Growth Partners -- remains in growth mode while offering M&A guidance to MSPs. It sounds like Cogent will announce some new business milestones within a few weeks.

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