Got Social Media Etiquette? H*** Yes or No?

Got Social Media Etiquette? H*** Yes or No?

What's proper social media etiquette? The unwritten rules always seem to be changing. But a recent survey from Intermedia and Harris Interactive offers some guidance. The survey involved nearly 2,400 working adults, who apparently stopped tweeting and friending long enough to participate in the survey.  Here are some of the findings...

...and MSPmentor's reaction:

  • 66% say it is completely/somewhat inappropriate to connect with a boss on social media platforms such as Facebook. MSPmentor says: How can you network without, um, Linking In with the big boss and other top brass?
  • 66% say using emoticons such as smiley faces in emails and instant messages isn't appropriate. MSPmentor says: Down with emoticons.
  • Just over half say its okay to text a colleague after business hours. MSPmentor says: Text after-hours only when urgent.
  • 81 percent of respondents say it's inappropriate to take a conference call in a public place. MSPmentor says: Sorry, but mobile discussions are a modern reality.
  • Eight out of 10 respondents say it's wrong to copy someone's boss on an email to gain leverage in a discussion. MSPmentor says: Generally speaking we agree. But sometimes you gotta move the conversation in your direction...
Additional insights, sent via social media, from Nicholas Mukhar.
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