Facebook: Don't Mix Business With Pleasure?

Facebook: Don't Mix Business With Pleasure?

Facebook for Business UseFor portions of 2008, I used Facebook for business purposes. But in recent weeks I've soured a bit on Facebook for business. Apparently, I'm not alone. I'm starting to hear from managed services professionals who are drawing a clear line between LinkedIn (for business) and Facebook (for personal contacts).

There are days when I'm tempted to set up business-oriented groups on Facebook. No doubt, the majority of my Facebook "friends" are business and industry peers.

However, a meeting I had on Tuesday -- with David Schafran, president of Transformation Strategies -- reminded me why I'm not a huge Facebook-for-business fan.

Schafran's company helps aspiring and established managed service providers to bolster their businesses. Much like me, Schafran uses LinkedIn and Twitter for business and Facebook for personal contacts. It's impossible to fully enforce the line between business and social networks, but the artificial line helps Schafran to focus his discussions on each site.

Will I have a change of heart and use Facebook for business? Perhaps. But I think my bigger concern is integrating more social media capabilities directly into our own sites.

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