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Jump into Profitability with Symantec

Jump into Profitability with Symantec

baumgartnerLast October, Felix Baumgartner completed the highest skydive ever, jumping from a specially designed capsule, wearing a space suit, at a height of more than 127,000 feet. He became the first human to break the sound barrier outside of a vehicle, reaching a speed of 843 mph in freefall. This feat required years of preparation and a strong partnership with a business dedicated to giving him the best possible equipment and training to safely make the jump.

Compared to this daredevil, the average day of a managed service provider (MSP) today may not seem terribly glamorous, but that doesn’t make the role of the MSP unimportant. You are delivering the solutions and services that businesses need to keep the economy running. And just like Felix, you require the best possible tools and support from an organization dedicated to your well-being.

Symantec understands that MSPs are a vital link between us and our customers, and we also recognize that providing you with the best-in-breed technology coupled with the highest level of resources, training and services is the only way to guarantee we all succeed. With that said, I’d like to highlight three key features of our broader MSP strategy that serve as key market differentiators and distinguish Symantec from other vendors --  the Partner Management Console, Our remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform integrations and the ExSP licensing program.

The Partner Management Console (PMC) is designed to make life easier for our partners by simplifying the deployment and management of Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 and Backup, two critical solutions for keeping business information safe in today’s evolving threat environment. The PMC is accessed through a Web console, giving partners instant access to all of their customers from any location with an Internet connection. Setting up a new customer or account is simple, as is rolling over product trials into full subscriptions. In addition, the console allows you to create customized reports, specifically branded for your business. The PMC will reduce the time you would normally spend managing customers individually – which can be a tedious and lengthy process – allowing you to focus your time and energy on meaningful client interactions which also equates to an increase in profitability.

Symantec’s recent RMM integrations are another example of our continued commitment to improving solution management for our partners:

Combining the capabilities of Backup Exec with Kaseya’s management and remote monitoring abilities, this integration delivers improved visibility into systems and allows you to make necessary adjustments to customer deployments without the need to be onsite, including more easily keeping customer endpoints up to date. Partners registered on Symantec PartnerNet have free access to the Kaseya plug-ins.

Symantec has also integrated with Level Platforms through the Symantec Endpoint Protection Service Module, providing efficient monitoring of customers’ endpoint protection deployments.

Lastly, Symantec’s participation in LabTech’s Technology Alliance Partner Program (TAPP) will enable customers to set up and monitor their endpoint security in both local and remote locations – all from a single source.

Enterprise Service Provider Licensing Program (ExSP)

The ExSP licensing program is a flexible, pay-as-you-go model created to reward partners for growing their business. SMB and Enterprise partners are given the choice of how they prefer to deliver solutions to their customers – as the volume of licenses increase, licensing costs go down, saving time and money and accelerating profitability. The program supports Backup Exec 2012 and Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition 2013 as well as select products.

Today’s MSPs are on the cutting edge of technology, arming their customers with the best products and top-notch support, while always striving to maintain healthy growth and profitability. Symantec’s unique combination of partner resources and benefits, coupled with our comprehensive line of products and solutions solidifies our market leadership and demonstrates our commitment to the partner community. With our tools and your talents, we can succeed in pushing the boundaries of what businesses can accomplish.

STEPHEN BANBURYStephen Banbury is Vice President of Worldwide MSP at Symantec Corp. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of MSPmentor’s annual platinum sponsorship.

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