Mike Salem CEO and founder of Vorex

Mike Salem, CEO and founder of Vorex

Vorex Launches Secure Platform Offerings for Samsung KNOX

Samsung KNOX users now can download two versions of Vorex's PSA platform via the KNOX Marketplace.

Samsung KNOX users now can download two versions of Vorex’s secure professional services automation and project management software to protect their enterprise Android devices.

The cloud-based business management solutions provider is offering its Service Desk and PSA platforms through the KNOX Marketplace, with both solutions expected to help small and midsized businesses protect their mobile devices from being breached.

“As business users migrate to different operating systems, busy SMB owners still need to track overall performance to grow their businesses in a secure and reliable fashion, regardless of the device they’re on,” said Mike Salem, CEO and founder of Vorex, in a statement. “We’re pleased to be a part of the Samsung KNOX Marketplace to reach a wide range of Android users who require secure data and applications.”

The Service Desk Platform is Vorex’s service business management offering, featuring project management, time and expense tracking and invoicing capabilities to allow business owners to manage their workflow from their mobile devices, according to the announcement.

The PSA platform also includes account renewal and budgeting and forecasting capabilities.

KNOX is currently in use with more than 2 million enterprise users across 24 different Android device types, according to Samsung. In February, Samsung announced it was expanding its partnership with Good Technology with the launch of Good for Samsung KNOX, which combines Good’s app container solution and app ecosystem with Samsung’s enterprise security platform.

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