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When Malware Risk Equals Opportunity for MSPs

When Malware Risk Equals Opportunity for MSPs

Sending out spam and malware may not be the oldest profession in the book, but it’s certainly a growing one. In fact, in a December 2010 survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute and Lumesion, 59% of the IT practitioners surveyed said that malware was a significant factor for increasing operating expenses. Whether costs come because of remediation needs or data loss, the reality is that companies cannot afford to have even one unsecure PC.

Add to this the rise of phishing and malware attacks that are coming through social media – like the April Facebook scam that spread via Facebook Chat messages at a rate of 88,000 clicks per hour – and you can see how one bad security breach could cost your customers their business.

But you know that getting customers to install patches – especially if they require a reboot – can be a hassle at best. You could wait until the evening to push out patches, only to find PCs turned off. In the morning when users come in, they have to wait for the patches to execute. Then you’ve got a crabby customer on your hands who feels like you and your little worries about security are impacting his productivity.

Intel Assists MSPs

One of the ways that Intel is helping is with Intel vPro technology. The hardware-based security features of PCs with Intel vPro technology allow constant monitoring of PCs to ensure that critical security software is in place and up-to-date, without bothering the PC user. Regular security patches and updates can be done automatically after hours, even to PCs that are turned off, which means critical business data is better protected.

David Goodwin, the President of Mid-America Computer Corp., put it this way: “vPro decreases the time it takes to reach 95 percent patch saturation at a typical customer site from three days to one day. We reduce the risk for the customer – which is critical when a major virus or security hole appears – and we spend much less time and money chasing machines that didn’t get patched.”

With Intel vPro technology, Mid-America and other MSPs can improve their bottom lines and their customers can save money, too. Especially when you consider that in 2010, Ponemon reported that a typical data breach cost companies an average of $214 per compromised record. But with intelligent, hardware-assisted security management features that help you quickly deploy security patches across PCs up to 56% faster and assist in preventing others from disabling installed security software, you and your customers are better protected than most.

Of course, no system can provide security under all circumstances, but Intel vPro technology can help you in a world full of spammers, scammers, and customers who are trying to navigate the waters of the Internet. Like Mark Vliet, vice president of outsourceIT says, “vPro [offers] an increased level of security that our customers can understand.”

Eric Townsend is Director of MSP and SMB Marketing for Intel Corporation. You can contact Eric at [email protected]. Monthly guest blog posts like this one are part of MSPmentor's annual platinum sponsorship. Read all of Townsend's guest blogs here.
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