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StorageCraft's New Recovery Zone Blog Debuts

StorageCraft's New Recovery Zone Blog Debuts

This week we launched our Recovery Zone blog, which is an upgrade in every sense of the word from our old corporate blog. The StorageCraft Recovery Zone is a resource center for partners and non-partners alike, providing industry newswhite paperscase studies, product info. It’s growing every day and we hope that it will ultimately evolve into a community site where users can provide feedback, request content, and communicate with each other about disaster recovery, running a small business, and more.

It’s a big step for us as a growing company and since it’s been my job to shepherd the site along for the past few months, I wanted to use this spot on MSPmentor to talk about some of the reasons I’ve pushed for a site like this and why I think content is important to us and to you.

It’s no surprise that content is important to me. It’s my job! I’ve spent almost my entire life writing things, graduated with a master’s degree in writing, and have worked as a writer and an editor for my entire career. Obviously I’m going to say content is important. It’s what pays my bills.

But even though it’s my baby, the Recovery Zone (and any site that’s committed to providing valuable content, like MSPMentor) is really for StorageCraft partners, present and future. As I’ve interviewed partners for various projects, I’ve learned that there are a lot of holes in the IT and DR processes that good content can fill for the average small and medium sized IT shop.

Software is only half the battle.

I’m a big fan of WordPress. I use it personally and professionally (the Recovery Zone is built in Wordpress), and though I’m certainly not a Web designer, I know enough to do what needs to be done. But one thing I’ve learned as I’ve tried to finish some projects is that it’s easy to become stagnant, easy to fall back to what “needs to be done” or what I’m comfortable doing, as opposed to what I want to do, or even should be doing. The WordPress community is constantly growing and finding out great new ways of doing things and if I didn’t make a concerted effort to stay on top of its development, I would quickly become irrelevant and prone to holes in my security.

Disaster recovery is the same way. Like all areas of IT, it’s constantly changing. You can have the software, but that doesn’t mean you’re using it the best way. One partner told me that meeting other StorageCraft partners was one of the most valuable things he’s done because it helped him see new ways of using the software that he’d never thought of. While nothing can replace that kind of interaction, content (and the discussions it starts) provides a quick and easy way to keep in touch with the outside world, even when you’re heads down in project mode.

Last month I talked about the importance of learning from the experiences of others. Reading good content can serve a similar purpose. It gets you thinking about how you’re doing things, forces you to ask yourself if there is something you could be doing differently, or outright teaches you something you didn’t know before.

This is just one of the reasons content is important to members of the IT community. I hope that, even if you don’t get them from our new Recovery Zone, you get the intellectual vitamins and minerals that come from exploring the wealth of good content available to us. The Internet has made possible a vast collaboration between widely disparate people and in my opinion, if we’re not taking part in that global conversation, we’re missing out.

Matt Rayback is a Marketing Writer at StorageCraft, which works closely with MSPs. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of MSPmentor’s annual platinum sponsorship. Read all of StorageCraft’s guest blogs here.


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