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Saving You Time: What Manhours Per Gigabyte Means to You

Saving You Time: What Manhours Per Gigabyte Means to You

As an MSP, your time is valuable; it’s a precious commodity. As a vendor and channel partner, we are intensely aware of that. We know the less time you spend managing backups, the more time that you’ll have to focus on other aspects of your business.

Finding ways to save you time is a resounding motivation at Intronis, and it’s something you should expect of us. We’ve identified a quantifiable measure for saved time; it’s something we call Manhours per Gigabyte. Finding ways to reduce your Manhours per Gigabyte – or MPG – is the essence of what separates us from our competition, and more than that, how we can constantly improve on our value to our channel partners.

So, for us, MPG is a commitment across every department and employee at Intronis to make a conscious effort to lower the amount of time necessary for our partners to effectively deliver cloud based backup and recovery to their end user customers. You’ll find evidence across the delivery of our products and services. Here’s some ways we’re working to drop your MPG:

1. A simplified interface: Our development team makes a consistent effort to lower the amount of time and the number of keystrokes necessary to create and implement a backup set successfully. Some specific examples include:

  • The ability to create compliance templates within our portal to turn multiple options into a write once, use often template.
  • The ability to manage almost all backup and restore functionality remotely, without the necessity to go to the customer site to deploy the product of effect changes.
  • A deep commitment to build and maintain industry leading integrations with PSA and RMM vendors. Integration functionality is an absolute key to elimination of repetitive work. If you have not leveraged our integrations, especially our 2011 PSA integrations, check them out.
2. Our Customer Success Team: We realized late in 2010 that some of our new partners were struggling with specific aspects of launching their cloud-based backup solution, so in response, Intronis build a department dedicated to help are partners launch successfully. This 60 day program is designed to teach MSPs everything they need to know, including technical training, branding support, sales and marketing templates, and more. A dedicated customer success manager walks you through the entire process, and the results have been fantastic.

 3. Our Technical Support: At virtually every event I attend, the one thing I hear over and over from our existing partners is how dedicated and quick our tech-support team is able to address issues. Part of our commitment to MPG is appropriate staffing and training of our support team to be able to address our partner’s needs with a minimum of frustration. The results? Our tech support team is answering tech support calls in under 30 seconds – and on a recent week, 14 seconds – with excellent resolution and customer satisfaction feedback.

I am a huge fan of our commitment to MPG. While it is often challenging to drive updates and solutions that will have a real impact on a majority of diverse and energetic partners, saving time is of almost universal benefit. At the end of the day, we are in the business of supporting resellers and MSPs, and time in the most valuable commodity you have, so we are going to make every effort to help you save it.

Ted Roller is VP of channel development at Intronis. Find out more about Intronis’ partner program. Guest blogs such as this one are part of MSPmentor’s annual platinum sponsorship.
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