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MSP Center Plus Launches Beta

MSP Center Plus Launches Beta

Being an MSP is no fun, especially if you are a mid-sized organization.

As you read this article, national players and biggies such as Dell might be talking to your customers with attractive offerings. Being a regional player with quick on-call service might no longer work out to your advantage. Now, how do you face this situation? What’s your MSP game plan?

The answer is simple. Strengthen your fortress, sharpen your arms, and fight back…because there is no plan B. You have to elevate yourself to match the breadth of services offered, at costs lower than the competition to survive this race. If you think it takes a fortune to build the capability to match their offerings, checkout the new MSP Center Plus. It gives you all the high-end features available in expensive frameworks at really lower costs.

To download a BETA version of this product visit

MSP Center Plus

Note: Devanand is product manager, MSP Solutions, ManageEngine. Guest blog entries such as this one are contributed on a monthly basis as part of’s Platinum sponsorship.

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