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Just Say No to Business Disruption

Just Say No to Business Disruption

What’s worse: A hurricane or a hard drive soaking in coffee? An early season blizzard that knocks out power lines or the dreaded blue screen of death? I suppose it depends on your perspective. But if you’re like most MSPs with whom I meet, a hard drive steeped in coffee or the blue screen of death seem worse than a “little weather.”

Data loss can have dramatic impacts on a small business – from lost revenue to damaged reputation to reduced productivity due to downtime. In fact, according to an HP study, 1 in 5 computers suffer a fatal hard drive crash during their lifetime. HP also found that 32% of business data loss is caused by human error while 44% of data loss is caused by a mechanical failure. Which is why having a disaster recovery plan for your customers is crucial – because whether it’s a lost laptop or a latte laptop, there’s no such thing as a small disaster.

Intel vPro technology-based systems help MSPs protect and service clients before and during a major disaster recovery. Whether it’s remote power-on capabilities or the embedded Intel Anti-Theft Technology, Intel vPro technology-based PCs help you deliver better service to your customers when they need it most – in the middle of a disaster. Using Intel vPro technology’s remote power-on capabilities with your existing management console, you can remotely reach Intel vPro technology-based PCs that are not running, to restore data and applications quickly.

“The monitoring and proactive alerting capabilities of Intel vPro technology are remarkable. We can spot and remediate issues before the customer knows there’s a problem,” says MSP David D’Agostino, vice president of operations at Brite Computers. “This ability to watch the customer’s business constantly is strategic, and without vPro we wouldn’t have it.”

Stolen systems, data loss and blue screens are both end users’ and MSP providers’ worst nightmare. Intel vPro technology based systems help you protect clients and deliver superior service during a disaster recovery. Listen to what Aaron Biehl, vice president of client services for Dempsey Bluevar has to say. “Intel vPro technology adds things that essentially cost us nothing extra, but give us more value to deliver to the client while saving us time and money. It allows us to deliver faster problem resolution, better security, and a more energy-efficient IT infrastructure.”

Visit Find a vPro system for a list of current and past PC models with vPro built in. Or take our latest, web based training and get disaster recovery tips and tactics. After all, you don’t want your clients acting like this poor guy.

Eric Townsend is Director of MSP and SMB Marketing for Intel Corp. You can contact Eric at [email protected]. Monthly guest blog posts like this one are part of MSPmentor's annual platinum sponsorship. Read all of Townsend's guest blogs here.

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