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Infocus Mondopad: Collaboration & Video Conferencing for MSPs

InFocus is hoping its new Mondopad tablet will usher in a new stream of customers as the digital display maker turns its focus to visual collaboration and communication. And if the response by MSP Chris Wiser is any indication, InFocus has hit the target.

“I think it’s a revolutionary product and I think it’s going to change the way a lot of companies not only do teleconferencing but ... also … collaboration within their own companies, especially companies that have multiple locations,” said Wiser, founder and CEO of TechSquad, a Waukesha, Wis.-based managed services provider and InFocus partner.

Wiser offers some additional perspectives in this MSPmentor FastChat Video:

The Mondopad hits the sweet spot in the collaboration space because it is platform-agnostic, working with other vendors’ technologies right out of the box, Wiser said.

“We’ve tried to sell telepresence-type scenarios in the past but it has been difficult because you have to have a duplicate product on the other end,” he said. “[Mondopad has] … three … major benefits: the videoconference ability, including the ability to [work with] Skype and multiple other platforms out of the box; the collaboration; and [using Mondopad] even just as a presentation unit.”

Mondopad is mondo – measuring a whopping 55 inches – and includes touchscreen features that enable users to, among other things, write on the screen and shrink and move around whatever’s on the screen. “All those things we’ve become so used to with the Apple products are … built into this product out of the box,” Wiser said.

MSP Leads has been promoting Mondopad for the past few months via e-mail blasts and so far has received tremendous response, especially from the education and marketing/trade show communities. “We’ve had a lot of people [who aren’t in our e-mail database] forwarding our e-mail blasts to their friends and associates,” he said. “I did an e-mail blast Monday of last week and by Tuesday afternoon out of the 6,000 sent out we had over 1,500 clicks on the e-mail and 10 contacts to our sales team from people we had never even sent the e-mail to. That gives you an idea of how well it’s moving around. We were impressed with the comeback on it.”

Wiser expects to have much success with Mondopad as well as his company’s relationship with InFocus. “My company has been around since 2004 and I’ve worked with a lot of vendors,” he said. “Sometimes you go to shows and talk to vendors and they’re like, “Oh yeah, we’ll get right on that,” and then you never hear back from them again or you try to follow up and you don’t hear anything back. But I’ve been impressed and extremely happy [with InFocus’s response]. They’re really gotten us moving.”

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