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Hitting High Prices Out of the Park

Hitting High Prices Out of the Park

Maybe you thought the Red Sox and the Braves were going to hit it out of the park last month. But, as I write this, the wild card-winning Cardinals are battling the Rangers in the World Series. Baseball’s unpredictable like that, you never know who is going to step up and drive in the game-winning run.

Business is a bit more predictable, but there are still a lot of variables you need to control, especially when you’re trying to grow your MSP practice. Cost of goods and labor are two things, truck rolls and attracting new customer are two other components you have to watch out for. But because you’re not down in the dugout crunching numbers all day long, it helps to have good back bench on your side helping you reduce costs so you can hit a homer with your bottom line.

Intel vPro technology gives you the grand slam of new values without buying new tools—lower labor costs, fewer truck rolls, reduced opportunity costs, and lower operating costs for your customers. Our latest, web based training offers tips and tactics to use Intel vPro technology to help streamline your service and reduce your cost and help you help you serve more clients in less time.

“We are constantly looking for tools that will increase efficiency and remove cost – and this is where Intel vPro PCs really help. They reduce the time and effort it takes us to accomplish service tasks,” says Mark Vliet, Vice President of outsourceIT.

It’s not difficult to understand – by improving utilization of personnel and faster responses to customers you can save $50-$225 on every trouble ticket. And every truck roll prevented by the advanced remote management capabilities of Intel vPro technology sends those dollars straight to your bottom line.

Plus, you can also lower your customers’ operating costs by using Intel vPro technology to proactively manage their PC power consumption—up to $1,000 or more during the life of the PC. Dan Tomaszewski, President of Green Light Business Technology says, “Any time we can talk to a customer about lowering their costs, that’s a big deal. By managing power actively on vPro machines, we can save our customers over $150 per year, per PC. That gets customers’ attention.”

Now, I’m not saying this is going to help the Red Sox ever get to the playoffs again, much less win the World Series. But, if you can improve satisfaction while lowering costs, that counts, right? Remember what mom said, it’s not whether you win or lose the game, it’s whether your technology gives you a competitive edge. Well, maybe that’s just what my mom said, but it’s advice I’m willing to share.

Eric Townsend is Director of MSP and SMB Marketing for Intel Corp. You can contact Eric at [email protected]. Monthly guest blog posts like this one are part of MSPmentor's annual platinum sponsorship. Read all of Townsend's guest blogs here.

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