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Consider the Cloud's Silver Lining

Consider the Cloud's Silver Lining

I've spent a lot of time talking about the end user experience in this blog. In part because of the ubiquitous access that cloud solutions provide to end users, and in part because of the consumer cloud experience that has set high expectations for business cloud solutions. Either way, when IT providers create cloud solutions for customers, they have to remember to consider how that cloud solution meets the needs of the end user.

That leads me to today’s topic. When you look at your cloud portfolio, do you see only cloud versions of traditional solutions? I am talking about hosted email and backup or hosted unified communications. Most providers have added to their line card those everyday IT solutions that have taken advantage of the cloud to offer pay-as-you-go, flexible technology tools. While these remain cornerstones of any cloud portfolio, they aren’t necessarily new technology solutions. Now, look again. Do you have tools and products on your line card that can help enhance and deliver a better end user experience?

In the last few months, Ingram Micro has announced the addition of several solutions that help you move cloud to the next level, maturing the technology into business tools. For example, our solution from Ipanema helps optimize bandwidth usage to deliver the best user experience possible. That tool prioritizes, according to settings managed by solution providers and their customers, which applications get the most bandwidth and which are delegated to the bottom of the pile. This ensure that when your customer wants to place an order, the transaction get the throughput it needs, while end users browsing Facebook or YouTube during their lunch period, have a much slower response time.

The newly unveiled partnership between Ingram Micro and is geared to power creative, custom solutions that use cloud but are, in reality, business transformation tools. Both of those types of technology offerings are examples of a new type of solution built to support and optimize cloud. In my opinion, those offerings can fuel tremendous opportunity for IT providers who are striving to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Another example of a business transformation solution with roots in the cloud includes DocVerify, an eSignature solution that automates in a secure and electronic fashion the contract management and signature process.

The task before you is to evaluate and select those technology tools that empower you to enhance the benefits of cloud for your customer. You might be surprised at how easy it is to bundle these services with your cloud solutions and turn a cloud project into a profitable ongoing recurring revenue relationship.

Renee Bergeron is VP of managed services and cloud computing at Ingram Micro, overseeing such efforts as Ingram Micro Cloud. Monthly guest blogs such as this one are part of MSPmentor’s annual sponsorship program. Read all of Bergeron’s guest blogs here.

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