The Channel Futures Podcast Episode No. 11: Open Source

In this episode, we talk open source software with author and history professor Christopher Tozzi and The Linux Foundation GM of training and certification Clyde Seepersad.

It may be hard to believe, but Linux software has been around since 1991. That's when developer Linus Torvalds first began working on his now legendary open source software project.

Since the debut of Linux, open source has grown into more than a mere technology. Today, it's a global movement that touches the lives of billions of people.

In this year-end episode of The Channel Futures Podcast, we take a look at the history of open source, its impact and future, in particular.

First up: Christopher Tozzi. Tozzi, pictured below, is a longtime contributor to Channel Futures, MSPmentor and more. He's been writing for us for nine years.

Recently, Tozzi, a tenured professor of history, published a new book on open source entitled, "For Fun and Profit: A History of the Free and Open Source Software Revolution." (You can buy it on Amazon here.)

In my conversation with Tozzi, which is punctuated with adorable outbursts from a baby bouncing on his knee, he outlines why open source became so successful and makes the case as to why its future is even brighter still.

Then we talk the value and trajectory of open source and certification with The Linux Foundation's Clyde Seepersad (pictured below.)


Seepersad explains where open source source fits into the certification landscape and why it is growing in importance.

This is our end-of-year podcast. I want to thank-you for tuning in. For more, subscribe to us on iTunes or check us out on SoundCloud.

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