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Autotask Community Works to Deepen Customer Relationships

Autotask has already celebrated the start of 2012 and with former solution provider and current Senior Vice President of Business Development Len DiCostanzo now heading up Autotask Community, the IT business management software vendor has made some big plans for its partner customers.

“I was a solution provider for about 20 years and so what I bring to [Autotask Community] is my own IT DNA,” DiCostanzo said. “I’ve been there for quite a bit, and I’ve also worked with our customers over the past four years pretty close[ly] so I ... get the life that they lead and think I can bring a lot to the table in terms of how Autotask and their business can match up and really be successful and profitable.”

Some of that success, Autotask believes, will come as a result of new and revised programs DiCostanzo said were developed to help Autotask and its partner customers both grow and thrive.

DiCostanzo describes the broader Autotask Community strategy in this MSPmentor FastChat Video:

The program will include an evolution of its referral program the company launched last year and the creation of a Certified Consulting Partner Program, wherein Autotask will identify its best customers and train them as implementation experts for the Autotask product. “So now if we can’t build an on-site team in Australia, for example, we’re going to have some really good customers with real-world experience ready to help our new guys come on board.”

The Certified Consulting Partner Program is launching as Autotask is focusing heavily on international expansion -- something CEO Mark Cattini noted in his FastChat conversation.

“We’re really expanding international,” DiCostanzo said, including “... translating [and] building country-specific advisory councils.”

DiCostanzo noted also he is working with Autotask’s vendor partners to develop a program under which customers of both Autotask and its vendor partners join one of Autotask’s various advisory councils “to help us ensure we have the best integrations with our vendor partners,” he said. “So by working with our users, our clients and our vendors I get that opportunity to bring it all together through a bunch of new programs  and really go deeper and wider into our client base.”

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