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Asigra: Cloud Backup and Recovery for MSPs and VARs

Cloud storage backup and disaster recovery provider Asigra is turning heads in the service provider space, not only for its technology – which works with an impressive list of cloud service providers – but also for the robustness of its offerings and its MSP-friendly stance.

The company should know its business – Asigra has been around since 1986, offering offsite backup and recovery well before the cloud became the cloud. In June 2010 Asigra updated its flagship Asigra Cloud Backup with a plethora of new features including support for laptop data protection, Asigra’s API, and the ability for users to bulk-purchase licenses for virtual servers and manage them on their own.

In our latest FastChat video (below), Eric Strong, vice president of North American sales at Asigra, introduces viewers to the company that has helped make cloud backup a pervasive technology.

Strong points out that Asigra only sells through channel partners, both MSPs and resellers – it doesn’t compete against them by offering its own cloud backup service. The company offers both on-premise and managed cloud flavors of its technology to meet the needs of all its channel partners.

Asigra has a structured process for onboarding new partners to ensure the highest level of success. “This helps them understand what needs to happen in 30, 60 and 90 days,” Strong says, and includes sales, marketing, technical and executive support.

Clearly, Asigra is on the right track with its technology and its channel program. We expect to hear even more from Asigra as the cloud becomes even more ubiquitous.

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