iLand Leverages VMWare for Cloud and Infrastructure Strategies

iLand Internet Solutions, a Talkin' Cloud 50 member  2011, has reinvented itself several times since launching in 1995. The international cloud infrastructure provider and VMWare vSphere Hypervisor partner actually got its start as a FrontPage Hosting provider before Microsoft acquired FrontPage. Since then, iLand has focused on giving business IT departments total control over their virtual infrastructure.

"The writing was on the wall about five years ago in terms of virtualization becoming more prevalent," iLand Vice President of Business Development Dante Orsini told me. "People began looking to us for expertise."

Orsini said iLand's main goal is to provide enterprise-class computing to all size businesses. To iLand, that meant a heavy focus on virtualization, which is why the company has formed such a deep partnership with VMWare. "We are deeply in bed with VMWare," Orsini candidly admitted. "And we're extremely pleased. We can securely provide clients complete control over their entire data centers."

Orsini noted a shift in iLand's offering about a year and a half ago when Orsini said VMWare realized it needed a cloud-based model to make their enterprise solutions consumable.

"The cloud has become a real thing," said Orsini. "We've seen adoption of cloud computing go through the roof just in the last nine months. People are now asking, 'Where does the cloud fit in our organization?'" So iLand now has a "true cloud" offering through VMWare -- something that Orsini said iLand lacked in the past. "Today we're a pure play cloud offering," he said.

iLand is now focused on expanding further internationally. It recently opened a cloud computing datacenter in London and is offering its Hosted VMware, Managed Networks, Disaster Recovery, Colocation and IP services in Europe and North America. Orsini said there is also a demand for iLand solutions in Asia-Pacific and South America.

Announcements to Come

You can count on a heavily iLand presence at VMWorld  2011 (Aug. 29-Sept. 1, Las Vegas), the global conference for virtualization and cloud computing. Orsini teased that iLand is preparing "major announcements" to be made at VMWorld. We'll be watching to see how iLand continues to evolve its cloud strategy, with an assist from VMware.

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