Jared Stauffer CEO of Brinkster

Jared Stauffer, CEO of Brinkster

Brinkster Enters IaaS Market with White-Label Offering

The infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market is getting a little more crowded. White-label cloud provider Brinkster has launched its own IaaS public cloud offering.

Maybe it's too soon to call the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market saturated, but with more smaller players launching their own IaaS services to compete in a market that is essentially owned by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the newbies are going to need to do something interesting to differentiate themselves. And the latest company to enter the market, Brinkster, is no exception.

Brinkster bills itself as a U.S. provider of custom cloud IaaS and white-label cloud services. The company launched its own white-label public cloud offering this week, building the IaaS solution on top of Flexiant's Cloud Orchestrator technology.

"We serve over 50,000 customers in 175 countries," Jared Stauffer, CEO of Brinkster, said in a prepared statement. "To expand our business, we wanted to offer a public cloud solution to capitalize on where the market is moving. Because we're making an offensive play, we needed to get to market quickly, with an easy-to-use, self-intuitive and well-supported product. This is when we evaluated Flexiant and were impressed with its extensive functionality, full reseller capabilities, and the vendor's global footprint."

This is the first time Brinkster has come to the attention of Talkin' Cloud. Its go-to-market strategy appears to be mainly channel-focused, as the company noted in its announcement that its IaaS offering will meet the requirements of small to medium service providers, resellers and VARs.

It seems like the right kind of market strategy, but the IaaS market is starting to get fairly cutthroat. Amazon Web Services is leading the pack by a fairly large margin, but Microsoft Azure (MSFT), Google Cloud (GOOG) and other major providers are marketing hard. And such companies have superior name recognition that is helping them to grow.

For smaller IaaS providers, whether already in the market or planning to be soon, differentiation is going to be critical. And one of the ways to help ensure that is work with a strong ecosystem of channel partners to show why their way should be preferred.

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