NetEnrich's Crotty: How Midsize MSPs Can Scale Their Businesses

NetEnrich's Crotty: How Midsize MSPs Can Scale Their Businesses

justin_crottyNetEnrich, best known for NOC (network operations center) services, sees opportunities for midsize MSPs (those with 100 to 200 customers) to scale their businesses even more. Perhaps best of all, customers are more willing to spend on IT again now that economic concerns have eased, according to NetEnrich Senior VP and GM Justin Crotty. So where does NetEnrich fit into that conversation?

"We are in a position to be the IT operations provider for MSPs and VARs that are serious about scaling their services business," said Crotty. "We're attracting larger MSPs to the conversation."

Crotty is familiar with the old MSP software wars -- where small IT service providers weave together multiple tools but often jump from one tool supplier to the next. "Our services don't cater to the MSP that's looking for the next silver bullet tool," said Crotty. "We're focused on conversations with MSPs where we help to manage virtual infrastructure, cloud-based compute and a range of other services."

In other words, MSPs are leveraging NetEnrich's NOC and closet-to-cloud services "as an extension of their own teams," said Crotty.

Overall, Crotty sees three key trends in the market:

  1. Healthy business: "I think it's going to be a good year for the channel. The reality has sunk in for VARs that a lot of the [economic] pain customers experienced is over. Those customers need IT as a strategic tool rather than a cost cutter. VARs and MSPs that answer that strategic call for help will profit."
  2. Need to Partner: "Solution providers recognize customers have so many different needs and requirements. Those solutions providers can't address all those needs alone. You've got to partner."
  3. Cross-Selling: As MSPs partner up with the likes of NetEnrich, they're able to offer end-customers more services and increase customer stickiness. "The more services you can sell into the client base, the higher the cost it is for the customer to consider switching service providers."
Read between the lines and I believe NetEnrich remains committed to smaller MSPs that it currently supports. But the real growth will come among mid-market MSPs that are supporting 100 to 200 customers, and looking to automate even more business functions. That positioning essentially eliminates any confusion between NetEnrich's services vs. many of the players that cater to smaller MSPs with help desk and RMM software.
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