IT Service Management: LiveTime Continues SaaS Updates

LiveTime Software continues to enhance its cloud-based IT service desk solution. The latest enhancement involves so-called Run Book Automation (RBA), which more clearly aligns customer requests with workflows and outcomes. LiveTimes' update is the latest IT service desk and help desk move we've spotted in recent days.

LiveTime claims RBA's biggest benefit involves cost reduction. The company believes its partners are wasting too much time and money solving conflicts between solutions in their networks. The alleged problem: customers lack efficient workflow and business processes. To correct the challenge, LiveTime promotes a Web Services APIs that helps users build procedures and process from their User Interface (UI). Users can also write custom scripts that tie together multiple management tools.

Run Book Automation marks LiveTime's fourth development around its ITSM solution May, 2011. Among the recent moves, LiveTime has:

No doubt, MSPs have dozens of service desk and help desk solutions from which to choose. But some MSPs fail to see the connection between customer satisfaction, customer retention and effective help-desk services.

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