Help Desk: On Second Thought, Is 24x7 Support Overkill?

Help Desk: On Second Thought, Is 24x7 Support Overkill?

I rather enjoy it when a blog entry triggers multiple follow-up discussions. Back on Feb. 2, I asked if 24x7 support was the new norm for help desk support. By February 7, multiple help desk and NOC (network operations center) providers were sharing their opinions on 24x7 support. Now, Do IT Smarter CEO Lane Smith is back with three rather interesting points...

According to his own internal metrics, Smith says:

    • 95 percent of his help desk volume occurs during normal business hours -- from 8:00 a.m. eastern to 5:00 p.m. pacific.
    • Peak help desk volumes occur from 8:00 a.m. to noon pacific time.
    • In stark contrast, NOC services have no real peak at all.
      Smith's conclusion: "This really does validate the argument that Help Desk is NOT a 24X7 requirement for the majority of SMBs while NOC is a 24X7 requirement."

      Do I fully agree with that Smith's conclusion? Not entirely. I think some of those after-hour help desk calls may come in from mission-critical customers. For instance, law firms or health care providers that work around the clock. Still, I'm splitting hairs and Smith (not me...) has built a profitable, sustainable Master MSP business. So maybe he's onto something with his analysis of NOC and help desk requirements.

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