Google Fiber Seeks Network Operations Center (NOC) Experts

Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is on the prowl for network operations center (NOC) management experts, according to two job listings that surfaced on MSPmentor's job board. The NOC positions will play a key role in Google Fiber, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) initiative that offers "a connection speed 100 times faster than today's broadband." For MSPs, the Google Fiber build-out is worth watching for a range of reasons.

Sure, traditional telco and cable companies have been pushing into managed services for several years. But so far I think small, localized MSPs have retained tight customer control rather than loosing mounds of business to the telcos and cable providers.

Now along comes Google Fiber, which is being deployed first in Kansas City, KS, and Kasas City, MO. If Google Fiber somehow takes hold, the company could wind up managing back-end services for customers (Google Apps) as well as next-generation end-points (TVs, smartphones, tablets). Lump in the Google Chromebook, Chromebox and Anroid initiatives and the story gets really interesting.

Also of interest: Google is seeking NOC experts to manage the fiber system, and the experts will be located in the search giant's Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. Google already offers predictable managed services for ChromeBooks and Chromeboxes... See where I'm going?

Of course, this story will take years to play out. Google Fiber could become nothing more than a grand experiment. And generally speaking, I don't small businesses remain wary of broadband service provider sales pitches.

Still, I think Google's brand has incredible cloud with today's entrepreneurs and recent college grads. And those grads could wind up opening their wallets wider for more Google services -- which NOC experts will be managing from Mountain View.

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