Tigerpaw Preps Convergence Community, Cloud PSA Platform

Tigerpaw Preps Convergence Community, Cloud PSA Platform

Tigerpaw Software, which develops on-premise PSA (professional services automation) software, is preparing to launch a convergence community in November, and cloud software platform sometime thereafter. The convergence community will be designed to help voice partners move into the data space. Tigerpaw President James Foxall (pictured) mentioned the forthcoming developments when we met last week at the  2011 Tigerpaw User Conference.

The convergence community is part of Tigerpaw’s broader makeover that has been in effect throughout Foxall’s tenure as president. “We’ve changed out 80 percent of our management staff, added employees and shifted from a sales focus to a service focus,” Foxall said. Tigerpaw is looking to add to its sales team before the new year, and will hire more employees in other departments in early 2012. “We used to spend a lot of time looking at our competition. Now it’s about branding Tigerpaw and focusing on our customers.”

The Tigerpaw makeover involves the company’s forthcoming cloud offering. Foxall concedes that there was debate within Tigerpaw about making the cloud move. “I’ve never been excited about the cloud,” he admitted. “But we need to be there.” Foxall expects 80 percent of Tigerpaw customers to still use the company’s on-premise solution. The cloud, he says, is a good sales opportunity for new clients.

Tigerpaw is also working to snap more third party solutions into its new public API. The company is currently in talks with Reflexion Networks, Spam Soap and others to feed Tigerpaw their billing information, and Tigerpaw plans to plug ConnectSmart from Connections for Business into its API. The ultimate goal is to marry remote monitoring & reporting (RMM), voice solutions and Tigerpaw, though that's a work in progress.

In the meantime, Foxall remains upbeat about Tigerpaw's current 11R2 release. “It shows that we’re really getting in-tune with our clients’ needs.” The most notable aspect of 11R2 is its automated billing feature – something Foxall claims is unique in the market. Foxall said Tigerpaw has been winning more clients over from competitors than it has been losing during his time as president, though he didn't have exact figures on hand. “Clients have been coming to us because our solution is all-inclusive. You can have your marketing and email analytics fully integrated in a single product, from a single vendor.”

(Side note: Autotask and ConnectWise also report continued growth across their respective PSA platforms.)

The Foxall family launched Tigerpaw Software more than 20 years ago. Dave Foxall, CEO of Tigerpaw, named son James president in April 2010. “My father told me ‘it’s your turn to see where to take this company’,” Foxall said. “And right now we are just hitting our stride.”

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