MSP Branding: Why SSI Solutions Became F12 Networks Inc.

MSP Branding: Why SSI Solutions Became F12 Networks Inc.

F12 Networks LogoFirst, let's state the obvious: Some managed services providers (MSPs) & VARs face branding challenges. Sometimes, corporate names don't stand the test of time. Examples include legacy resellers that used "PC" or "Microcomputer" in their names, only to see the market shift to client-server, the Internet, and now managed cloud services. In some cases, MSPs break with the past and embrace a new corporate name. That's the case at SSI Solutions, which is now F12 Networks Inc. Here's what drove the branding change.

When asked about the new corporate brand, F12 Networks Operations Manager Leanne Yeatman was refreshingly honest.

"We're tired of explaining what SSI Solutions stand for," laughed Yeatman.  "The new name better portrays our company culture and what we do for our clients."

The old name "SSI" actually stood for "Systems, Systems, Inc." -- not exactly a clear description of what the company does these days -- everything from hardware as a service to managed services for business clients that lack their own IT support centers. "Our new name better portrays our culture and what we do for our clients," said Yeatman.

New Name, New Opportunity

The new branding opens up a new opportunity for F12 Networks to market itself and roll out new services. For example, F12 Service (formerly called Managed Plus) and F12 Service Plus (the company's primary HaaS product) are both being revamped. F12 service plus is already in its third version. A major goal at the moment is adding Microsoft BPOS to its F12Connects offering. The company also has a new logo as it begins to target clients in British Columbia. F12 acquired two companies in Calgary over the last five years.

"Our clients are very excited," said Yeatman. "We're only going to get better, and now they [clients] have a brand that they can attach to that certainly says what type of services they get from us."

No doubt, plenty of consulting firms and even distributors assist VARs and MSPs with brand-reinvention and brand promotion. If you've had a successful rebranding effort please share the details (nicholas [at] NineLivesMediaInc [dot] com). We'll potentially share your experiences with our readers.

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