Kutenda: MSP Marketing Firm Prepares Push Into New Verticals

Kutenda: MSP Marketing Firm Prepares Push Into New Verticals

The last time MSPmentor spoke at length with Mike Cooch, he was busy selling his managed services business (Everon Technology Services) to PlumChoice. But Cooch, a serial entrepreneur, always seems to have multiple irons in the fire. We were curious to know how his other business, Kutenda, has been evolving to support marketing and lead generation for MSPs. During a discussion with Cooch this week, he revealed that Kutenda is preparing to push into new verticals. Here's the update.

At Everon, Cooch focused on providing small businesses with the technology to grow, manage and protect their assets. In 2009, Cooch co-founded Kutenda with Zenith Infotech CEO Akash Saraf. Originally, Kutenda developed Google Adwords-like tools to help MSPs promote and market their businesses. But nine months into the new venture, Cooch discovered something that changed Kutenda's direction. "Software development is not as easy as it looks," he said. " So even if you give small businesses the tools, they usually don't have the time to use them effectively."

So rather than simply selling a marketing platform as a service, Cooch changed the game plan to a more hands-on approach. Indeed, Kutenda's services are tailored to the five-person MSP's that don't have the staff to handle email marketing campaigns, blogs, social networks, and other aspects of a strong online presence. So for $399 per month Kutenda will manage those marketing and promotional tasks for MSPs.

The change in direction looks promising: Kutenda now services almost 1,000 clients, mainly throughout the United States. Kutenda's 20-person staff creates professional content tailored to each MSP's target customer base. This year, Cooch says he plans to hire new employees and enter two new verticals. The company began preparing for this expansion at the end of 2010 when it integrated its marketing platform with PSA software.

"Most small business are hung up on content," said Cooch when explaining why Kutenda is so valuable to MSP's. "We create that professional content for them and we give them lists of prospects for their account. Most of them don't have prospects and they really need help."

It seems as though Kutenda has struck a balance between developing software that fits the needs of their clients while helping them to effectively use the tools to market their business. But such a business strategy requires spending a lot of time focusing on single clients. Here's just a quick peek at some of the services Kutenda offers its clients. We'll be watching to see which verticals Cooch and Kutenda pursue next.

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