Gone Green: First Data Center Achieves Energy Star Rating

Gone Green: First Data Center Achieves Energy Star Rating

How green can you get? Apparently, Consonus, which provides data center hosting, has achieved the coveted rank and highest honor for energy efficiency: The EPA's Energy Star. Congrats. So what's all this hype about? And will more MSPs pursue the Energy Star rating? Read on for details...

For many, a business priority may be focused on trying to get the most out of razor-thin margins, or just being as productive as humanly possible. But Consonus has announced that their Salt Lake City data center has been focused on protecting the environment and they're "very proud" of the efforts.

"This is the first commercial data center in the nation to achieve a ENERGY STAR rating," the company claims.
Consonus sees this as an achievement, and bundles 'going green' with "resiliency [and] customer service." Through some initiatives, Consonus noted the places where they could reduce power consumption, and did so. Now they're a shining star (pun intended).

So what did Consonus do, exactly? They installed...
  • Cold Aisle Containment
  • CFD Modeling and Analysis
  • Ducted Return Systems
  • High Efficiency Floor Tiles
But Consonus may have a limited amount of time to be the only company with this distinction. The ENERGY STAR program for data centers launched this June 7th, 2010. To qualify, however, you need a licensed professional engineer to verify the energy performance your data center via the power usage effectiveness (PUE) metric.

The big question: Will MSPs pursue the Energy Star rating or is it too difficult to cost-justify such an effort?

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