CharTec CEO: MSPs Need Less Tech, More Sales

At the CharTec Academy conference, CEO Alex Rogers updated me on the HaaS specialist's new partner sales and marketing strategies. In a nutshell -- if you don't have the expertise or time to hire a dedicated sales rep or run a marketing campaign, CharTec wants to do it for you. Why? Because MSPs have the technical expertise to thrive -- but not always the business acumen. Here are some highlights of our discussion.

Rogers says that he's had to deal with enough bad salespeople in his career as a service provider that there's no one more qualified to teach MSPs how to hire a good one. Attendees at CharTec Academy are getting a crash course in how to separate the very best sales reps from those that are just looking to fleece the service provider of a few months of pay before they're shown the door.

But not every MSP has the acumen, the time, or the desire to go through that process. That's why Rogers says that CharTec will do it for you, in exchange for a fee -- Rogers estimates that when this as-yet-unnamed initiative launches later this summer, they'll charge a flat $5000 for the privilege.

In other words, CharTec will actually sift through candidates, conduct interviews, make the hire, and handle most of their product training, and their chosen marketeer will come with a guarantee of at least one significant deal closed within six months of his or her start date.

After 90 days on-the-job, Rogers says that CharTec can tell with 100% accuracy if things are working out -- and if the answer is "no," he says that CharTec has little problem firing the salesman, too. Basically, it's designed to be no-muss, no-fuss for CharTec's MSP base - and the provider can maintain their focus on managed service offerings.

In a similar vein, the so-called C4 Marketing Solution Program, also coming later this summer, is a joint effort from CharTec, JoomConnect, and MSPleads that Rogers jokes does everything but actually deploy the product. Each company leverages their respective expertises -- "website caller ID," ConnectWise-linked lead management, and lead generation -- and all the MSP has to do, essentially, is pick up the phone and deliver the hardware.

No one could accuse Rogers of being too humble, and he's promoting the initiatives as something only he and CharTec could spearhead thanks to their years and years of experience. But more importantly, he says that both dedicated sales and marketing teams are absolutely vital to any MSP's business, and you can't afford to ignore them anymore.

Those weren't the only noteworthy tidbits to come out of our conversation - but I'll have to save our conversation about Google Chromebooks, the cloud, and ConnectWise for another post, so keep watching MSPmentor for more.

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