Can Consumer Branding Experts Help MSPs?

It’s been about two months since Technology Services Group Ltd. (TSG), an open source software and consulting firm, acquired Concentrix in an effort to market its cloud computing solutions in the UK. Since the April acquisition, TSG has decided to make more of an effort to brand itself. The proof: TSG has hired Carole Beverly -- a consumer branding expert -- as group marketing and communications director.

TSG has been focused on becoming the IT service provider of choice for businesses throughout the UK since its founding in 2003, and establishing a strong brand is a huge part of that goal. TSG offers a suite of IT solutions for SMBs and has a TSG Enterprise Solutions division for larger organizations. Building a strong brand is essential to expanding the reach of those services, and hiring Beverly signals an increased focus on branding.

Now here's the interesting part: Beverly previously promoted consumer and entertainment products and services. She previously was head of commercial assets at Adidas UK, commercial director of Newcastle United Football Club, and marketing director for the UK and Europe at the Federation Brewery. Most recently, Beverly was the chief executive of the Entrepreneurs’ Forum in in Philadephia, Pa.

So how will Beverly build TSG's brand? We'll be watching.

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